A beautiful book about Charles Mingus

Better git it in your soul

I feel I have discovered Charles Mingus very late in my life, only thirteen years ago.

The impact that this composer has had on me has been so great that I have read everything about him that I could get hold of.


The last book I read is:  “Better git it in your soul” by Krin Gabbard.

This book has inspired me deeply.


I regard Mingus as one of the best composers of the 20th century but I feel he is still “underlistened” and not as valued as he should be.

I have always thought that the legends around the personality of Mingus have been an obstacle to the free and unprejudiced fruition of his music.


Krin Gabbard shows us the core and the soul of the man, without the legends. A man who had the honesty to admit of being a “frightened animal that attacks for fear of being attacked”.

As the gossip around Mingus’ personality is dispelled we are left with his music, a music that cannot be labelled; just as much part of jazz as of classical music, simply 20th century music.